We run the latest HP scitex 750 flat bed digital printers, with a built in UV drying process, which instantly dries and adheres the ink to the substrate, this results in a vibrant, durable image, which will give an extended lifespan to the print.


We pre- heat weld our T boards before print to ensure the welding process does not effect the quality. The heat welding process down both sides allows for the post to be slotted through the middle and makes them virtually impossible to come apart, this is much more efficient than double sided tape that most board suppliers use, which commonly come apart.

Boards and slips can be drilled with matching holes if desired using our robotic arm, to ensure all slips line up perfectly with your boards to ensure your brand always look sharp.

We always keep a library board and slip to ensure future orders can be colour matched and drill holes are replicated.


We have the facilty to print direct onto Correx, Foamex, Di-bond and even straight onto Plyboard, This Technology to print straight to Plyboard saves time and money, if you need to build a new hoarding fence around your site, you can use your fencing as your advert rather than building your surround fence , then have to paint it , then pay for more advertising panels.


We produce pvc banners and also mesh banners, all are hemmed and eyeleted, if eyelets are not needed we can also supply them hemmed to fit , rope, or scaffolding posts

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